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The cancellation of “Diagoras” ferry routes leads to depreciation of Aghios Kirikos of Ikaria, and premature end of the tourist season

Prefecture of Ikaria, Mr. Panagiotis Genouzos has sent a letter to Attica Group regarding the Aghios Kirikos ferry routes, following the letter from the Mayor of Ikaria, published on Monday, September 5th.

The Prefecture protests on the cancellation of the “Diagoras” ferry routes from September 12th, and conveys the dissatisfaction of the professionals and residents of Ikaria, since this development prematurely reduces the tourist season for the spa town of Therma.

The letter, which was shared with the Shipping Ministry and the Member of the Parliament of the prefecture, concludes with the hope that the company will reconsider its decision and withdraw the cancellation of the routes, so that they remain on the schedule until early October.



“Recently, professionals, citizens, and even visitors have expressed their major disappointment on the cancellation of the “Diagoras” ferry routes from September 12th to the port of Aghios Kirikos.

The consequences of such an action, especially in the midst of the current touristic season, are big and create major problems, both in the touristic field (arrivals, departures, accommodation, supply etc.) and the citizens’ everyday life (scheduled medical visits etc.)

As a result, the ferry routes to the port of Aghios Kirikos will decrease (going from 4 routes to 1 per week), which is disgraceful for the capital area of the island and the spa town of Therma, leading to a premature termination of the touristic season.

We think you should reconsider your decision and recall it, so that the routes will follow the original schedule until October 2nd, as it was initially announced.

The Prefecture of Ikaria & Fourni

Regional Councilor

Panagiotis Genouzos”


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