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Letter of protest from the Mayor of Ikaria concerning the island’s ferry routes

Mayor of Ikaria’s letter on the island’s ferry routes

With the following letter we would like to express the strong displeasure of the citizens, the professionals and the visitors of our island on the unacceptable and sudden cancellation of “Diagoras” ferry route, starting from the route on 12/9/2022 towards the port of Aghios Kirikos, Ikaria.

This action, coming from your company in the midst of tourist season causes major problems on the island, both touristic and supply, while overturning the plans of visitors who had made reservations at hotels in the area.

Specifically, from four itineraries that were planned even with an open ticket plan, which means that tickets had been issued, unexpectedly and without any time given to look for an alternative solution from another shipping company, the port of Aghios Kirikos, capital of the island, and the spa town of Therma are left with one route per week.

We consider that this action “puts a gravestone” on the area’s tourism and we immediately demand the revocation of your decision, continuing the routes until 2/10/2022, according to the original planning.

Also, regarding the port of Evdilos, Ikaria, as shown by the tickets on 4/9/2022, the last day of your company’s daily routes, where approximately 750 people and 200 passenger cars departed, the need for an additional route every Wednesday is imperative. A similar routing was done last year with BLUE STAR PAROS with great success.

Thank you and we look forward to your immediate actions.

The Mayor of Ikaria

Nikolaos Kalampogias


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