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Τετάρτη, 7 Δεκεμβρίου, 2022

Ikaria celebrates the anniversary of its Union with Greece with a series of events at Chrisostomos

During the annual gathering organized by the Ioannis Melas Cultural Association, Ikarians gathered at George Spanos memorial to celebrate the 4th of November, the day on which in 1912 the Free State of Ikaria was united with Greece.
Following the doxology, wreaths were laid at the memorial of Ikarian Revolution hero George Spanos at Chrisostomos by Mr. Nikolaos Kalampogias, Mayor of Ikaria, Mr. Loukas Loukas, Special Councilor of the Ikaria and Fourni District, Kyriaki Nikolaidis from Aghios Kirikos High School, and Maria Xenakis from Ioannis Melas Cultural Association.

In honor of the day, historian Themistocles Katsaros talked to the attendees (students from Aghios Kirikos High School) about the Ikarian Revolution, and the events leading up to the 17th of July and the forming of the Free State of Ikaria. According to him, those events are also considered the “prelude” for the Balkan Wars and Greece doubling its territory.
The gathering came to a close with a rendering of our National Anthem.


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