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A written request for direct connection of Evdilos with Chios and Mytilini

Residents of the North Aegean have compiled a written request to the President of the Regional Council, targeting the issue of direct connection of Evdilos, Chios and Mytilini via ship. This can be done through the extension of the existing ship route “Piraeus – Chios – Mytilini”, which we (the residents) propose it becomes “Piraeus – Evdilos – Chios – Mytilini” instead. The proposal is scheduled to be discussed at the next Regional Council, taking place in Samos next month.
The resolution states in detail:

“We, the residents signing this request, consider it necessary for you to redesign the transportation coverage for the islands of the North Aegean, and have it modernized to serve the population’s needs, as well as their development prospects.
We think Ikaria should be the transportation hub of the islands of the North Aegean region. Aghios Kirikos’ port, on the south side of the island, can maintain the connection with Fourni and Samos, while Evdilos’ port, on the northern side, beside the connection to Piraeus and Samos, both of which routes should remain, should also add direct connecting routes to Chios and Mytilini.
In other words, we suggest a new route, connecting the ports of Piraeus, Evdilos, Chios and Mytilini, at least twice a week. This route can be carried out by adding Evdilos port, twice a week, on the pre-existing route of “Piraeus – Chios – Mytilini”.
The benefits of such a route for the islands of Ikaria, Chios and Mytilini are bound to be enromous. The locals’ daily life will dramatically change for the better, and it will offer a huge benefit to the economy and social interaction of all the islands of the region. There are only pros and no cons to this route in terms of cost or time, and is absolutely doable, as long as the required political decisions are made. The fact that the ship won’t take too long to get from one port to another upon the addition of Evdilos can be proved through the company’s route boards, from which we can easily calculate the duration of the trip as such: it’s a 6-hour trip from Piraeus to Evdilos, so the trip to Chios would take about 8.5 hours (from Piraeus), and then Mytilini would pretty much stay on the same duration it does with the current route.
Considering this proposal important for our islands’ life and development, we are submitting it to the Regional Council, and request a decision to be made in our favor.”

Whoever wishes to vote on this petition can click on the following link:



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